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The Orch

The Orch. are Michael Conroy (lyrics and vocals), Phil Hayes (guitars, visuals and production) and Damian Ashcroft (keyboards, synths and production).

They played live together around Manchester a lot in the 90's, earning regular regional radio play, pockets of critical acclaim and a release on Tony Wilson's Factory Too (fac 2.12). Having gone their separate ways for over a decade (in which period Conroy released two albums 'Cheap Shots and 'Royal Shit' under the moniker 'superqueens' with Salford electronica/beats composer Bruce Magill), they decided to start recording again, mixing the old (unreleased material) with the new. The result is 'Small Times' - nine tracks of spoken word and electronica, atmospherics and guitars.



‘fantastically sharp, if cynical …brilliant, razor-sharp spoken word’ (city life)

'some of the most beautifully poetic lyrics you’ll ever hear... a kind of verbal Banksy whose tales of underclass existence are brutally honest but never judgmental' (songs from under the floorboards)

‘exudes a half-arsed charisma... take your time and there's a beguiling mystery to The Orch.'s ambient atmospherics’ (NME)

‘powerful music evokes legendary names… [like] Can and PiL …infectious groove …minimalist keyboard strangeness… achingly beautiful guitar lines… The Orch’s singer/lyricist has a style and grace all his own’ ('zine)

'think Simon Armitage crossed with Pitman' (Dreams That Money Can Buy)


Imagine a polar bear with tourette’s syndrome fronting the Ramones with half of Slade on guitar.” (NME-Bring It On recalls their favorite Moco moment when singer Steve Jones performed while riding around the venue in a trolley)

Moco are Steve Jones on vocals, Anthony Rigby on guitar, Nick Higham on bass, and Simon Misra on drums. Moco are grimy rock n’ roll sprinkled with mental sickness. Moco are Nurse Ratchet’s worst nightmare. They deliver a dose of sleazy Texan PCP–fuelled swamp rock that leaves fans wondering what they are on and where they can get their hands on some.

Moco formed 4 years ago in Wigan, England. Word soon spread about the rock behemoths and particularly singer Steve ‘Mobile’ Jones, whose gazelle-like stage presence captivates fans. The band plays live around the U.K. consistently, treating venues like playgrounds. Audiences are left feeling confused, delirious and questioning whether Jones was raised by a pack of wolves. One gig supporting the Parkinsons lasted as long as 32 seconds. This proved to be ample time for the band to destroy the amps, the P.A., and two tables before being ejected from the venue. It wasn’t long before NME heralded them as being the “…the most entertaining live band in Britain.”

Their debut EP “Another Day No Dollars” was released in October 2001 by Stuntmonkey Records. It was recorded in the Jaraff House in Wigan and produced by John Kettle. It sounded dirty, energetic and sleazy, and featured the live favorite “Flooky Wonderland.” Another track “Where She Goes” achieved Single of the Week in NME and won over BBC Radio 1. Selling out instantly, it screamed to number 5 at Manchester’s Picadilly Records and Rough Trade in London had to order in more copies after a week.

By this time Moco had fostered an enviable roll call of North Western England’s finest musicians as fans. The Charlatans asked them to support at the NME Carling Awards. Members of the Doves and Elbow were often found at their shows. They supported Electric 6, also big fans of the band.

Having gained recognition across England with their contagious songs and no holds barred live show, Moco released their debut album 'Out To Go' in the States on May 25th 2004 through independent label Pit Pony Records based in San Francisco. The album impacted college radio across the country. A first ever set of live shows in the US is set to go off in October 2004.

The UK release of 'Out To Go' is sceduled for Oct 4th and will be preceeded on Sept 20th by single 'Baby When You Die'. The single has already been added to the XFM playlist and received airplay on Radio1, while the video can be seen on MTV2.

Indigo Jones

Indigo Jones were formed when Australian Scott Alexander settled in Manchester in the late 90s (having previously resided in New Orleans, Stockholm and Valencia). The raw energy of his acoustic songs was transformed into haunting, cinematic, swamp rock with friends Julian Gaskell, Andy Glynn and Miguel Navarro stepping in on guitar, bass and drums. First single, 'New Orleans' set the standard for their particular take on weirdly romantic alt rock. 


Gaskell left the band shortly after, to be replaced by Tony Gilfellon. The new line up quickly arranged a crop of new material that would become the 'Protegidos EP' a feedback seeped, and more experimental sound emerged as the band became more confident in their eccentricities. When Andy left Manchester to live in France with his family the band decided to continue as a three piece, and released debut album 'No Smoking' in 2002. Follow up 'Stories Of God, My Finger And The Strange' appeared in 2004. The band spent the next year writing new material and touring throughout the UK and Europe with the like of Elbow and I Am Kloot.

New album 40 Miles features nine brand new tracks and represents a return to the acoustic feel Scott first harboured when he began writing songs. With a mind altering cocktail of styles and a range of influences as diverse as Captain Beefheart and Nick Drake, the new album sees Indigo Jones combine heartfelt vocals with mangled melodies and is without doubt their finest collection of songs to date. Their unique brand of blues is unconventional yet beautiful and their sleazy, alcoholic torch melodies are both cinematic and sinister.

Peter and the Wolf

This Liverpudlian trio started to take shape back in 2002 when vocalist Marc Sunderland and drummer Donna Dosanjh met at university, and immediately began sketching tracks together, turning up at the open-mic nights across the city to perform them. Marc completed Team Wolf in 2004 with the addition of double-bassist Hugo Harrison.

It was Peter and the Wolf’s deliciously askew lyricism coupled with the shuffling acoustics that raised the collective eyebrows of Skinny Dog supremos Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Peter Jobson (I Am Kloot), forcing them to sign the band to their burgeoning label.


Performing live, the band’s set-up is taken straight from the unconventional. Drummer Donna remains standing, a veritable beacon surrounded by her percussion; a melee of cowbells and tambourines, with only the very basics of a drum-kit to beat.

There are strong resemblances in Peter and the Wolf’s sound that recall the zany melodic joy of city peers The Zutons, meandering with the gentle offbeat simplicity of Badly Drawn Boy’s early EPs.

Each and every track on Storyteller are intricately crafted and entrancing sketches. Recorded in Marc’s makeshift bedroom studio, the mini-album captures and condenses tender thoughts with playful rhythms. With an ear for the wonderful, Peter and the Wolf offer six tracks of rueful, catchy and timeless laments which are suitably out of step, and yet so delightfully familiar.

Peter and the Wolf are: Marc Sunderland (vocals/guitar), Donna Dosanjh (drums), Hugo Harrison (double bass)


Cranebuilders currently reside in Liverpool and formed in 2000. Keen to distance themselves from the bourgeoning Liverpool music scene they set about establishing themselves in their own right and feverishly set about writing songs and playing any venue that would have them.

Eventually an offer to release a 7” single from London based Earworm records who by chance, stumbled across an early demo, resulted in the groups’ first release. Unfortunately the label folded before it was released, but the proposed release found its way onto the Earworm swansong: Charabang a trip to the lights compilation.

It wasn’t long before they released their first EP Bitch in summer 2002 on their own Ten People Tell record label and immediately caught the attention of broadcasting legend John Peel whom invited them to London to record their first session for the BBC.

The release of their following EPs You’re Song (SkinnyDog Records) and Just Idleness (Ten People Tell) led to the American only limited edition, release 8 Songs (Devil In The Woods) and a second Peel Session along with a personal invite to perform as the BBC Radio 1 representatives at the Eurosonic Festival in Holland which was later broadcast on his show.

Their debut album Sometimes you hear through someone else was recorded in Spring 2004 and was produced by Rob Ferrier (Clinic, Space) and features backing vocals from Elbow’s Guy Garvey who signed the band to his label Skinny Dog Records after spotting the band’s potential early on in their career.

Since recording the album, front man and chief songwriter; Tom Roberts has found the time to co-write songs with Johnny Marr and the release of their last single So What Could I do/Trouble Is… (“like Lou Reed and Chrissie Hyde banging the world to rights over a cup of tea” NME) warranted their successful appearance at this years SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

‘Sometimes you hear through someone else’ was released in the UK on March 14th 2005 to critical acclaim. The band have been performing their own special brand of bittersweet pop the length and breadth of the Isle to promote this release performing sessions for radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, XFM, BBC Radio 2 and a variety of local stations. The band made their terrestrial TV debut in the UK on Channel 4’s influential 4Music show earlier this year and the video for ‘So What Could I do’ was repeatedly shown on VH1 and MTV2.

Further information can be found on the following websites:



Press quotes about Superqueens

Q Magazine
“drawled acerbic verse … this debut is confrontational, intelligent and hauntingly visceral – a jaundiced, wry council estate poet waxing drily over minimalist keyboards and skittered turntable patterns… well-worth seeking out” (3 stars)

“Spoken word worth talking about… atmospheric electronica and bitter monologues. …Conroy Harris’ black humour – “I play my lover’s body like sid vicious plays guitar / pretty vacantly” – and brooding anger give this reality check real style.” (7/10)


“… a true sense of gothic urbanism …at odds with today’s regimented conveyor belt of manufactured music. “it’s a bum deal at the arse end of art / nobody cares what’s in her / tough shit for the also rans / track marks for the winners / they can’t keep up with the twelve-year-olds / and they can’t keep down their dinners…” - dry observation and subterranean wisdom … stark commentaries and needle sharp detail.” (4.5/5)

John Peel (debut session broadcast sept 2004)

"there's been a lot of talk about this album and deservedly so… excellent!”


“The downbeat future-grime poetry of Michael Conroy Harris recalls the work of John Cooper Clarke, but also brings to mind a calmer Mark E Smith or an artier Mike Skinner. It ain’t all about the words, however. Bruce Magill’s music is finely textured and highly apposite, skipping between hip-hop, ambient and electro-pop with remarkable ease. …driven by a sense of embittered discontent without becoming overly depressing. Check this out. (8/10)


JACKIEO are a PUNKTRASHBLOOZECOLLECTIVE based in Manchester England. They are named after the good lady herself, and in honour of the Zapruder film in which she features.

JACKIEO were formed at a Texas truck stop in 1999. The home of The Red Krayola, Scratch Acid and Roky Erickson, members Jackson Starfield (Electric Guitar/Vocals), Jo-Jo (Fuzz Bass Vibrations) and Sister Ruth (Drums) were on a quest for the source of true rock & roll enlightenment. Their quest led to the realisation that the forces of capitalism, greed, authority and misogyny may be effectively challenged by the no chord discordance and power of the electric guitar. To be honest, all JACKIEO ever wanted to do was vent a contemptuous spew of hatred, for all those silly little Indie Boys, who get ritually shafted every second of every minute of every hour by The Industry, by it's power to exploit those who thrive on careerist desire, fashion and jealousy rather than a love for Rock 'n' Roll…integrity…talent.

Anyways, it is JACKIEO's continued aim, in the 21st Century, to kill all dominant forces with


…Until you pry the screamin' guitars from their cold dead fingers.

JACKIEO have played a handful of chaotic gigs which have earned them the moniker of "First Class Punk Rock 'n' Roll Agitators" "…Had David Lynch directed his energies into fashioning a rock group rather than Playstation II ads, then it would have doubtless turned out to be the enigmatic JACKIEO…" (City Life, Jan 2001)

"…JACKIEO sound like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Clash in a road smash…" (Bull & Gate Magazine, Aug 2001)

"…JACKIEO look like the next alt.Manc band to go over the top…they are the hybrid, mental antidote to Manc miserabilism…they are, in most ways, fantastic…" (Manchester Evening News, March 2002)

"…Frenzied guitar clattering of the most old scullery punk kind, spotweilding Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The White Stripes, but with a bare knuckle sensuality that is all their own…" (City Life, April 2002)

JACKIEO's live performances have become the stuff of local legend in and around Manchester's toilet venues. Most famously, they recently supported The Parkinson's, whom they must profess, they have an undying love for. Add to the list the White Stripes whom they supported last year, and in the word of one punter "Blew their skinny white asses all the way back to Detroit".

The Basque
I Am Kloot

“I Am Kloot is a little universe we’ve created I Am Kloot is not a band, it’s a world. It’s an enigmatic one because it’s both brutal and charming. It’s ruthless and endearing, it’s full of contradictions and – it shifts across the sky like the weather.”

Indeed it does. Gods. Monsters. Mysterious ways. I Am Kloot.